Saturday, 30 July 2016

Ways in which Online Grocery Shopping has made your Life Easy

Remember the family meetings to decide, what all grocery items are needed to be purchased from the supermarket. Heavy discussions are on, while you are sitting totally clueless regarding “What is going on?” and waiting for your turn so that you can put forward your demands too. Well! Gone are those days where your beloved parents go out for shopping and asking you to stay put and watch the house for them.

With the advent of online grocery stores in India, life has become a bit easier. Here are some ways in which Online Grocery Shopping has eased up your lives.


Every minute saved is the minute earned. More time you save from physical grocery shopping can be put to use in so many ways. Imagine all the family outings you can have with that time or may be a full grooming session in the salon or just a friendly chit chat with your friends over cocktails.

Second time saver is utilisation of unproductive time such as travelling in a metro or being stuck in the traffic jam.  Go ahead, open the app and start your online grocery shopping and utilise this time which otherwise would have got totally wasted.


Are you the kind who ask 5 shopkeepers for price before making a purchase. Well no need to do that now when you can get the best deals online and can compare these deals across the websites and hence choose the best option.

Second money saver is transportation. Imagine all the cost on fuel you are saving. Plus going to supermarket with kids, is another 1500 bucks on your pocket.


Online Grocery shopping open a whole new world of products to you. It increases the horizon of your shopping with numerous alternatives and multiple brands. You can buy Natural and Allergy friendly products without least hassle.

You can find products across multiple websites and hence could choose the best alternative. Online reviews also help in utilising this wide variety in a more intelligent way.


So you are getting the products without even have to step out of your door at any time you want with whatever payment mode you prefer. This would save you the pain of going out in sun and would protect your sun from that scourging summer outside. Waoh! When did life become this easy?

It is a 24x7 shop where you can visit anywhere for anything you need and you will get it at any schedule you want.


With growing workload and lives getting busier day by day, Online grocery shopping ensures elimination of one redundant task from your “To Do List”. It ensures quality with zero hassle. So next time you will feel more confident when that gang of surprise guests knock at your door.

If you are still in the physical grocery shopping category, then switch today itself and enjoy the new world of comfort. Take a weekend off from the grocery shopping and have a reunion with those girlfriends , you have not met for a long time <3

Gladiator Sandals - Because All Fashion Roads lead to Rome

“When in Rome, Live as the Romans Do;
When Elsewhere Live as they Live Elsewhere.”

Looks like all the top fashion brands have taken this quite seriously. With Gladiator Sandals back in the limelight, this summer, it is a must in your wardrobe. Trust me, it would be the most practical purchase this summer as it will not disappoint you over any outfit if carried in the right way. All you have to do is choose your style of Gladiator that is sandal, heels or wedges. Trust me you can nail any, all you need to do is pick <3

Here are the different styles you can simply nail, with your Gladiator Sandals.


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Trying to pep up your boring summer shorts? Pair it up with knee length gladiators. Your saucy strappy sandals can give your old denim or summer shorts a brand new look and would add that extra relaxed vacation vibe to it. A pair of shorts, short or mid length, would give your gladiators an aesthetic look.



A perfect match of two hot styles, Gladiators and Rompers would take anyone’s breath away. Whether color, singled hued, printed or blocked, it simply does not matter. Just pair it up with your high gladiators and you are good to go and steal many hearts away <3

A print dress with different patterns teamed up with high gladiators is a complete look in itself with no additional drama needed. Get yourself a high heel or wedges with a semi formal bodycon dress and you have got yourself a perfect outfit for the sexy girls night out.

Wearing your maxi dress with your gladiators tone it down a bit but look fabulous if you have a slit in the dress. That way, your gladiators would pop out when you walk and become a trendsetter in no time. So Go ahead ladies buy that maxi dress which you have been meaning to buy for a long time, pair them with your sandals and you are good to rule the world.


Saucy gladiators with the little black dress is key to all hearts. No matter what event you are attending, the black dress would keep your gladiators chic. Is black too hot in summers? No problem short white dresses with your pretty black gladiators would look fab too.

Oh and it can be Chambray Dress also and if it’s in tan color then you simply would kill many people with your look.


Another trendy merge would be shirt dresses with gladiators. Won’t you look hot with a simple summer look yet so damn stylish. If it’s wedges or heels, then go out and conquer that party. People are going to talk about you for a long time.

A short skirt with your gladiators. What else do I need in order to look sexy. Pair it up with white shirt and My God, won’t you be the hottest chic in the place.

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Ok this trend is not seen much around yet. Probably in a few fashion walks here and there, but I have strong feeling this is the future of Gladiators. So keeping you updated in future trends, this is the last style you can opt and become the trendsetter.

Friday, 29 July 2016

6 Sexy Divas Who have changed the Landscape of Plus Size Clothing in India

Bollywood beauties make a patent picture in all our minds. Slim muscular body, size zero, long legs and so on. Well! Not for long. Many plus size B-Town Divas are ruling the screen nowadays and are considered the most beautiful ones too.Inspiring all the plus size women across the country, that they have every right to look hot and sexy, these Ladies have proven, that “Beauty isn’t measured in lbs.”

Here is a quick list of top 5 Bollywood Divas who have given the world a simple yet elegant message.

“Body Confidence does not come from trying to achieve the ‘Perfect’ body.
It comes from embracing the one you’ve already got.”


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This actress has faced a lot of criticism regarding her plus size and weight. She shut every mouth with back to back blockbusters including The Dirty Picture (for which she gained 12 extra kgs), Kahaani, Isqkia, Paa and so on. She has impressed her fans not with body but her acting skills which is the whole point of being an actress anyways.

Flaunting her body in every attire be it Western wear or the Sensuous Silk Sarees, she proudly says “Size Zero is boring.”


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The bold actress sent a strong message through her photoshoot for Famina Magazine, “I don’t owe you Perfection. My Body. My Rules.” Despite of her plus size body, she has dazzled millions with her breathtaking performances in Gangs of Wasseypur (both parts), Badlapur and the recent music video “Tumhe Dillagi” by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. With 3 ‘Filmfare Awards’ in her kitty already, she has a long way to go and hence inspires many plus size ladies to become next Huma Qureshi of B-Town.


Source :

 Bollywood’s Female Dabang, Sonakshi Sinha debuted on the silver screen with a plus size and caught many eyes. With an ever growing list of fans, this actor plus singer has no looking back. With her acting skills, she has become inspiration to other actress who has started to cheat their diets in order to become next Sonakshi Sinha.


Source :

 One of the most precious gem of the B-Town is worth including here. After giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, she gained a lot of weight. But that did not stop her from stopping many hearts when she had the most dazzling Red Carpet Walk in the Cannes Film Festival.
She is an ultimate inspiration to the Bollywood Actresses who are afraid to have kids just to save their body. Hats off to her <3


Source :

A plus size actress with 127 pound weight managed to become one of the most “in demand” actress in Bollywood at one time. She has won numerous award and has once again proved, “Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin.”


Source :

Well! I saved the best for the last :P After starving herself for months in order to achieve size zero, she says that she does not want to go back to her ‘Size Zero’ days ever and has consciously decided to get more voluptuous.
She has given a lesson to all those starving ladies out there that, “There is a difference between “Starving Yourself” and “Eating Healthy” in order to keep yourself fit.”

So all my lovely Plus size ladies out there, it’s time to embrace yourself and rock the world. After all, “ Jab zindagi ek baar mili hai toh do baar kyun soche.”

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Math Worksheets – Keeping Children Safe From The Stress Of Struggling In The Subject

While math is an interesting and challenging subject for many, for several others it is an extremely difficult and complicated field of study. Children often feel stressed to do math, especially if the basic concepts of the subject are not clear to them.  That is why most parents focus on instilling strong mathematical skills in their kids from a very young age. Using math worksheets makes the process of providing proper math education to the kids relatively simpler for the parents. Most importantly, kids find these worksheets to be quite interesting and challenging enough to keep them engaged and helps to gradually develop their interest in the subject.  

Why Opt For Math Worksheets

Math is a unique subject in that it cannot be learned by reading through and memorizing the problems and their solutions. Rather it is more about understanding patterns and structures and having a knack for logic and calculation. It also requires the learners to access every problem to find the best way of solving it.  Since the best way to ensure the same is through consistent practice, mathworksheets can help both parents and kids to effectively overcome the stress and anxiety they might have about the subject.

Who Can Opt For Math Worksheets

Math worksheets can be used by people of all ages to help improve their mathematical skills and aptitude. They are designed to help kids as well as adults and are available from elementary to advanced level. They are used not only by parents, who want to teach their kids the concepts of math, but also in schools by teachers to help the students understand these concepts better. Whether it is about learning the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, or whether it is to understand the concept of decimals, shapes and fractions, etc., mathworksheets can prove extremely helpful.

Benefits Of Using Math Worksheets

There are several benefits of using math worksheets, the most important of which are discussed below.

Providing Enough Practice

Practice makes a man perfect, and this saying is absolutely true for learning math. Math worksheets provide ample opportunities to practice the various concepts and improve an individual’s understanding of the subject. It enables the learners to focus on the areas they are weak in without feeling the pressure of competitive learning. The learners can choose the worksheets of the most appropriate level based on their existing skills and knowledge or even opt for customized worksheets for helping kids learn analytical skills and develop an attitude of problem solving.

Appealing And Engaging

The use of latest technology has made it possible to create highly colorful worksheets that add an element fun and joy to learning. Small children especially find such math worksheets extremely appealing and attractive, increasing their interest in learning and motivating them to complete them. The use of appropriate colors and graphics makes the worksheets seem more like a game than a difficult math exercise. In addition to the printable worksheets, parents can also choose online worksheets that feature animated graphics and teach the different concepts to kids in an interactive manner.

Keep Track Of Learning Progress

One major benefit offered by such worksheets is that they enable learners to keep track of the progress they have made. Learners can easily review the concepts that they have learned and refer to them at any time. Moreover, the math worksheets enable the learners to identify their mistakes and the areas that they need to focus on more. Moreover, it helps the parents of small children to keep track of the progress made by the kids and help them with concepts that they might find difficult to understand.

Learning At A Personal Pace

One common problem faced by individuals while learning math is the fast pace at which the various concepts and topics are covered. This can prove too overwhelming for slow learners who are not able to cope with the rapid learning process. However, with math worksheets, such learners can understand the different concepts at their own individual pace without feeling the stress of peer pressure. They help the learners revise the different concepts multiple number of times in an unhurried manner, which is not possible in a classroom setting.
Although math is an extremely important subject, not everyone is blessed with skills to understand it easily, which is when worksheets come in handy. 

Monday, 18 July 2016

Top 10 Smartphones in 2016 - Turning imaginations into Reality

Smartphones have become such an important part of our lives, that we cannot afford to make the wrong choice. Nowadays, almost every major Smartphone covers all the necessary features and more.

Lasting till bedtime with an exceptionally well battery life, these handsets are your walking diaries, tickets, cameras apart from the essentials of course that is texts, calls and social media. Therefore, you cannot afford to go wrong in this and trust me, you won’t go wrong in this as we are there to guide you in every way possible.

So here is a list of top 10 smartphones which would lure you to order one right away:

HTC 10

The HTC 10 is an amazingly well-built device, with highest standards of horsepower and a ‘pleasure to use’ software. Termed as an “All Rounder” by many, this phone offers a lovely build with a strong set of software features. The phone comes in silver, gold and black with a shiny glaze, which would make your heart skip a beat by just looking at them.


This sexy beast would never fail to amaze you in your entire phone journey. Packed with marvelous features,camera and edge, the phone is so easy to use that you will fall in love with it instantly. Put all you need on the edge and get a cleaner home screen. After all it’s good to look at a nice wallpaper and not the icons of the app blocking the view.


If you are an “Once an Apple, always an Apple”, type of person, then this is the best phone for you. Some of the features are 3D imaging, 12 MP camera with flash, 5.5 inches of screen (probably the biggest in iphone history) and 16GB inbuilt memory (compromisable because of an amazing picture quality it has).


With excellent camera and screen graphics, it might feel a little fragile in the hand but is very comfortable. It can survive few drops without the cover also so nothing to worry about the fragility too. With your own individual phone pen, this phone is totally worth your money.


With an exceptionally fast charging capability, Samsung Galaxy S6 would cure you from your phone buying addiction. It is fast, reliable with an excellent camera and display. It has a durable body which can endure a few drops with no dents or scratches.


After giving a sensational One Plus One, the company is back with One Plus Two. If you need an excellent phone with awesome features but has that little pocket to watch, buy the phone in a second.A “Quality in budget” phone would not fail to surprise you in your entire phone journey.


With a leather back,it has an amazing design. The display is worth appreciating. This phone would provide you a wholesome experience with an awesome camera, speed and a decent battery life. The phone’s quick charging capability makes it a choice of many.


Slim and easy to handle, the phone has amazing charging capability. With a 12 MP camera, you can click excellent pictures but only upto 32 GB as it does not support a memory card. Some people complain of the heating problem, but in my usage span, I did not face any problem at all.


Sony Xperia Z5 would offer you high picture quality with better colours and sharpness. Although, the sound is not as good as it’s other brothers, it offers a great battery life, camera, display and playing games.


With a 2.2 GHz processor, it is an excellent phone for gaming. Again a budget phone, this phone is for heavy gamers. Non stop gaming gives a battery life of 4 hours which is pretty decent.

Whatever smartphone you buy, it should ultimately serve the purpose you want it for. After going through such a tempted list, I am sure you are on the verge of buying your very own best smartphone.